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  • What is petroleum? How was it formed? How do you use petroleum? What’s your favorite way to use petroleum? Where has petroleum and the energy from it made your life easier?

    Oil and natural gas are a big part of North Dakota’s economy, but did you know they’re an even bigger part of your lives? Energy and the products produced from it are around you every day, from your cell phone to your bike tires. Responsible development of this resource requires knowing a lot about it and we want to see North Dakota students to show us your appreciation of energy by using your skills and knowledge in Science,

    Technology, Engineering, Art and Math to create a fun, informative video about our vast energy resources.


    The Energy of North Dakota together with the North Dakota Governor’s Office, the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources Oil and Gas Division, and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission is sponsoring a friendly video competition for North Dakota students to show us their energy knowledge and know-how by producing a video that is three minutes or less. The campaign will include three grading rounds. The deadlines by which to submit videos are:


    Any North Dakota school, classroom, and/or academic club is invited to participate. Video submissions will be divided into two categories:

    Classrooms and/or schools are not limited in submissions, so if you have several great ideas, produce them all!


    This campaign is designed to fulfill several of North Dakota’s educational standards (see examples here), making this campaign a great way for teachers to work fun, creative, hands-on activities into their regular lesson plans. And also because there are prizes.

    One submission in each category (Grades 1-6 and Grades 7-12) will be chosen based on a grading rubric each round and will receive $150. Each of these videos will continue on to the finals. One video from each category will be chosen for the Grand Prize of $1,500 for the class, plus the chance to attend the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in May 2018 to showcase their video.


    Divide students into groups (you may produce a video as a full classroom or club or divide the classroom or club into smaller groups).

    1. Have students develop a video concept that demonstrates energy use and/or development and incorporates their knowledge, skills and/or usage of
    2. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.
    3. Videos should be three minutes or less in length.
    4. Grading of videos will be based on creativity, understanding of the topic, application of STEAM principles, and more.
    5. Submit your video by the applicable dates listed above to: info@ShowYourEnergy.com.


    Download the Flyer